I met a wind turbine ghost!

Few days ago, I inspected the blade angles of several wind turbines in the north of France and decided to work late until the sunset.

At the last turbine, I observed a huge relative blade angle difference of 4.4° which was our record so far in France.

                                             Blade angle profiles

Tower oscillations

The wind was above 10m/s and the tower oscillations were important. This extreme defect pushed me to make more measurements of the turbine behavior. The control lasted until I could not see the rotor marks due to the darkness.

I was totally alone at the site, I packed up my gear in the car and was going to hit the road when I looked at the turbine one last time, I saw this:

A sudden chill went down my back…. Is that a joke (a ghost…a technician prank…)???? The door was for sure closed when I started the measurement and there was no one at the site the past hours. How could this happen?

It took me well 10 seconds to realize that the tower vibrations due to the extreme blade angle difference must have made the door open by itself…

So Wind farm Owners and Operators, if you have self-opening door issues on your wind turbines, a control of the aerodynamic and mass imbalance of the rotor could be a good idea.

Posted 07/03/2018 | Back to news